Monday, March 25, 2013

smashing weathervanes

how cool is this. the weathervane stamps were so pretty. you had to order them online at now that all the 1-oz. stamps are *forever* stamps, they only make one stamp with the actual amount of 1-oz. and they mostly sell them in huge rolls of 10,000 which must work in some kind of automatic stamping machine. but you may buy strips of 10 online.

since the rates went up, they now have a 46-cent stamp and it looks like a stylized daisy. i think they called it a kaleidoscope.
it's very pretty, too.

i like how smash drew a bunch of weathervanes. since she lives in connecticut, i imagine weathervanes are popular motifs in her neighborhood.
thank you smash :-)


  1. Silly me... I thought the phrase was "shout from the rooftops" but clearly I was mistaken - it's really "trumpet from the weather vanes"! Nicely done!

  2. trumpet, crow, neigh, and splash from the rooftops. :-)