Thursday, March 28, 2013

from jackie - sentence name

i will transcribe the sentence that makes up the name...
Jean Wilson from Iowa - you know - that very silly girl who needs - a chop that says she is Jeans even though - allegedly through with nicknames and she wants funny gifts.

this refers to the time when i wanted a chop (or seal) that had the chinese character for jeans, the blue denim trousers. at the time, i was teaching an art class for 4 year olds. to help them remember my name, i would point to my jeans and tell them - my name is Jean, like my jeans. so, some of them would call me Jeans...and it was pretty adorable. i wish i had blogged all my stories about the little kids. they said the darndest things.

anyhow, this is a very stealworthy idea. thanks jackie


  1. hahaha! yes, little uns do say some quotable things and I wouldn't mind such a chop, myself.

  2. Very clever of Jackie and a great story behind this cleverness. I suppose one must be careful what one says....someone else just may put it on an envelope and send it through the mail!

  3. yes...and then the mail gets posted on my blog...and then pinned on pinterest. maybe our collective goal should be to come up with an envelope that goes viral.
    thanks for posting dinah and annie :-)