Sunday, March 24, 2013


yes, i know, this one already ran in feb of 2011. this morning, i was looking at a pin board on pinterest and saw this one pinned to someone's board, and i was curious to see when it was posted and by clicking on it, i also saw the option to click on all the other envelopes -from this blog- that people have pinned.
there are a lot of envelopes - from this blog- pinned
i noticed that this one is the most popular one of all.
i also noticed that several of the ones (of my own) that i declared complete duds have also been pinned.
i wonder why?
is it because people have bad taste?  or are they going to report me to the graphic police?
or is there some redeeming value to bad art?
lucky for me (and you)  i am not going to obsess over those questions.

i'm sticking with the plan to just make envelopes and send them out into the world
and hopefully inspire other people to do so as well.

thank you again nancy....for this one....congratulations on being the most-pinned-envelope.
not of all time....there is one vintage envelope that has been pinned more than any other. it is this one.

i don't know why it is pinned so often, but i see it almost every day.


  1. Apparently even your self declared duds are inspiring. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Especially if us beholders can't even create a dud decorated envelope. I'll have to go look some of those up. Nancy's envelope is wonderfully delightful. And the vintage one is quite fascinating.

  2. I must have missed this exuberant envelope the first time you posted it. I think it is fabulous!! Glad I got to see it this time. The vintage envelope is very nice as well.