Monday, March 4, 2013

sue's thank you 1

a couple weeks ago i posted 5 plain envelopes with the name sue, to start my thank yous to susan mashman, who inspired me (along with others) to keep going on the blog. this week, i was going to post the 5 envelopes and show how i finished them. of course, on the very first one, i just made a big fat mess and threw it away. i have a strict rule about saving messes (rather than throw it away)...but then, i have a stricter rule about breaking rules. so i did another version of the big S...and i like this one. i will put the address in very tiny, all caps, at the bottom in a dark charcoal gray....or maybe white.

where is the mimi challenge that was supposed to begin today? bumped ahead. organization is not my middle name.

below is a very fun postcard from smash-girl :-)
thank you so much.

between jackie and smash-girl, i have several hundred new envelopes to post. where will i find the time to scan them??? i could post two a day...but that seems extravagant.


  1. My sentiments exactly! Gorgeous envelope, fabulous lettering and design...

  2. You just must love getting your mail! I'm terribly glad this blog will continue as I've only just found it. And I am trying to get back into more fun outgoing mail these days. Your envelope art is amazing and wonderfully inspiring!

  3. hi nh :-) thanks for commenting. and welcome, annie. yes, i do love the mail that shows up in my mailbox. one of life's simple pleasures.