Thursday, March 7, 2013

sue's thank you 4

this is not my favorite of the series. most of the time, i like to have the stamp with the envelope before i start the lettering. but, i like the way the stamp offered those little diagonal lines that i could add to the letters. the crossbar on the E could have been more inspired. i suppose the p.o. would not appreciate having to seach for the zip. too bad, the p.o. needs to appreciate the insane number of stamps we use on our decorated envelopes.

this style of lettering is the same as yesterday's.
it is just a little shorter. 


  1. The P.O. needs to appreciate our business, period! They want more from us, but we get less from them. Your envelope artistry is awesome! You keep me inspired to add even a bit of art to my envelopes and to stop sending out boring mail. Thank you!

  2. You are so very welcome. I am sure people appreciate the extra touches on your mail. Thanks for posting. :-)