Saturday, March 30, 2013

skip's snowman

i had to forward some mail to my son in tahoe. i had a whole sheet of these shirts and now they are not enough for postcards, so this was a good way to use them up.

once again....less than two minutes....

p.s. when i took it to the p.o. it was not enough postage, so i took it home and added a mountain on the right and skip, wearing a shirt, skiing down the mountain.


  1. I can hear you now at the PO when the postal worker told you it wasn't enough postage...inside your head was...Oh!...awesome!...I can go home and use up another shirt stamp!...then out loud...Good!...I'll be right back! This has to be the most clever placement for postage yet! Well, at least that I've seen.

  2. someday i will find all the clothesline envelopes and label them so they can all pop open together. i've done several with quilts and navaho rugs hanging on clotheslines. also, in the graceful envelope archive there are some REALLY beautiful envelopes where the words are hanging from the clothesline. thanks for commenting :-)