Saturday, March 2, 2013

jackie left and right

if you have looked back at the early years of this blog, you have seen a ton of mail to jackie and quite a few from her. we were penpals who had never met in person for quite a while. after we met, the snail mail slowed down. but she does read the blog and this was her response to my blog post about ending the blog. (which I did not do- but the mere mention of ending generated some very nice mail)

i really appreciate that she took time to struggle through writing with her left hand and i REALLY hope the tennis elbow subsides. i had a bout with t.e. myself and had to stop writing for a while. (then a few days ago, i rammed the snow shovel into one of those uneven slabs of concrete that you can't see because of the snow...and jammed my elbow so hard i thought i was going to be out of commission for a while, but, it seems to be ok...dang...that snow is dangerous)

i also wanted you to see some examples of her right handed work and will be scanning and posting some. she does fun casual envelopes as well as some very high-end fine art watercolor and gouache envelopes on fancy-schmancy arches paper.

this looks like it was done with a ruling pen. love that dot.
a few days ago i was thinking i needed to add an i to my name...duh...all i need to do is use a lower case j

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