Friday, March 1, 2013

bonus post

this morning, someone i have known for a long time asked in an email if she could borrow an idea off one of my envelopes. i assured her that she could borrow anything and everything since all of my ideas came from other things i had seen over the years. and i babbled on about how i see things, and then later, ideas pop into my head, but i usually don't remember where i saw the idea the first time. it feels like *my idea* but most likely, it was an idea that i saw.

then, after reading all my emails, i checked pinterest and found a link to this website:

you can check it out and read about the project by clicking [ABOUT] and if you start scrolling through all the words and phrases, you will come to the one i posted....and this is the caption:

This phrase immediately stuck out to me when I found it. I recently finished the book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. A brilliant book about creative work. The final chapters of the book talks about how every person is gifted with a muse. An angelic being that is quietly revealing beauty and creativity to us from a higher realm. Feeding us our ideas. Our only responsibility is to be ready and able to translate the things gifted to us. Over this last year I have been learning that my job as a creative is to be aware of this voice. It is quiet, it will not shout. In the meantime I diligently work so that when the muse speaks I am able to hear and to execute. My ideas are not my own. They are a gift. I am only a steward of them, for a time.

[end of caption]

i disagree that the muse is quiet. my muse is really loud and it gets all my attention and it prevents me from doing all the stuff that *should* be getting done. but, maybe when she says *angelic being* she is not mentioning the *devil being* on the other shoulder. maybe i have a non-envelope muse that is quiet....oh geesh...this is too much babble....i just wanted to mention that all my ideas came from things i have seen and stored in my non-organized cranial filing system....and that other *creative-types* experience the same thing.

so now i have to decide if i am going to click on the link to the book and am i going to read the book and so it goes...and so it goes....which, i believe is a vonnegut quote and i could google that to confirm... and then i would be lost for an hour or more surfing through all the great vonnegut stuff out there....

shout out to marti and alyce ...  thanks for the snail mail
i actually have all of march's posts lined up
so, they will be appearing way down the road...april or may

this is a bonus post that i stuck in on friday morning.
so check below for the originally scheduled friday post...with an envelope...or two....
double bonus day today :-)

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