Monday, March 18, 2013

from nancy

ok....this week was going to be a week that showed how to take the leftover portions of the self adhesive sheets that are left after you use the stamps. this is the top of the earthscape sheet.

then, i had 4 envelope jobs arrive within 3 days, so, i have to have a hodgepodge week.

luckily, there has been a flood of mail from smash, and some other blog readers :-)

another SPECTACULAR decorated envelope from nancy. having to add some penny stamps just gives nancy opportunities for really wonderful details.


  1. that I see it on-screen, I hope nobody thinks that the "Jean" has a flea problem.... : ) I love the boldness of the black and red complemented by the more muted tints of the tiffany lamp shade. -nancy

  2. are safe with me, I see the "jean" as a creative whirlwind of creativity racing against time...and winning! This is a great envelope. The bold color sections are a great contrast to the fine line lettering. I have never considered the stamp sheet waste. Cannot wait to see what I should be doing with it. I am always cutting off the used spaces just so there isn't so much "useless" stuff in the folder. I'm certainly questioning the "useless" part now!

  3. fleas? those are perfectly wonderful little spheres. and so nicely strung along arcs. they are the antithesis of pesky little parasites. annie hit the nail on the head. they are a *creative whirlwind*
    thanks again .. it is sure to inspire the readers.