Tuesday, March 12, 2013

mimi challenge

decorate an envelope with only two colors when you are in a hurry.
this one should have appeared on monday. it was hiding in the draft folder. the finished "robin" which was supposed to appear today will appear on wednesday.

i can't remember why i started the mimi challenge. it had something to do with her insisting i was some kind of genius because i was able to recall and describe in an email how to make a compass to draw perfect 6-foot (or even larger) circles.

the bottom scan is the first layer. choose three different pens and write the name a few times.

on the top, to finish the design, i just did some outlining and chose a stamp with a dot of color.

a two minute decorated envelope. has anyone noticed that i write *decorated envelope* every day? i am testing google to see if i can get my envelopes to pop up when people search *decorated envelope.* i am usually near the top of the list on websites, but not on images. i think i need to start putting captions on the scans.

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