Friday, March 29, 2013

annie - stamp leftovers

a while back i talked about using leftover pieces from the edges of stamps.
annie left a comment, so i made this one. i knew i had to do something better than the unsuccessful attempt on the smashman one below

this one just doesn't work on any level and i am not interested in trying to fix it. i think the biggest problem is that i do not like the bright blue with the gray. so, when you have two colors that just don't work, don't push it. although the yuckiness of this one inspired me to try colored pencil and coming up next week is some experimental stuff that is half way decent.


  1. OMGosh!...the Annie one is so FUN! Who would have thought what cute flowers postage waste could make!

    And even yucky works can inspire us!

  2. it reminded me of rick-rack - that zigzag trim.
    thanks for posting a comment :-)