Sunday, March 10, 2013

sheaff sunday

how cool is this? i need more hours in the day to do my own versions of these highly stealworthy ideas.

thanks again to dick sheaff for sharing his envelopes.


  1. A beautifully crafted envelope.

    Do you have suggestions on what to stuff into an envelope when you have nothing to send or not much to say. Or is it just all completely about the envelope?

  2. great question, annie. lately, because i have such a huge stash of envelopes, i sometimes make a smaller to insert in the outer envelope. but many of us who just like to exchange envelopes put blank paper inside, seal it, and write *empty* on the back. there is something very pleasant about an unopened envelope...if you like envelopes :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Jean! It finally dawned on me to come back and look here to see if you had an answer for me. Oh, love the "empty" idea. The envelope can remain sealed! I need to practice more with friends and then I might need to go find me an arty envelope pen pal.