Monday, March 11, 2013

mimi challenge - sue

the mimi envelope was supposed to pop up this morning, but, it has disappeared, so we will look at sue's first:

using the formula for the mimi challenge, using three different pens and scribbling the name several times. i did a sue and a robin. then i looked for stamps. i found a sheet of the Earthscape stamps. great abstract designs. that S shaped one really wanted to jump on sue's envelope. all i had to do was scribble a little color to tie them together.

the robin envelope...not looking very promising. that very first R is a complete clunker. i believe world famous calligrapher Peter Thornton has mentioned that R can be a challenging letter. it has three things going on. a straight vertical stroke, a bowl, and a leg at an angle. someday i will feature my solution to the R.

tomorrow, i will show
robin's less than perfect decorated envelope. you might want to wear sunglasses. or squint.


  1. Myself, I quite like that particular R. This is quite an inspiring style.

  2. and i try to decide what it is that i am not liking about a certain shape and then figure out what to do to improve or balance it. thanks for your comment.