Friday, March 8, 2013

sue's thank you 5

i was pleased with how this one turned out. i only did a little touch up on the black lettering. then added some adorable little roofs.

decorated envelopes don't need to take a lot of time. this one probably took 2 minutes.

and this concludes the thank yous to sue. now i have to do the thank yous to susan. then the thank yous to smash. susan set a goal of addressing 365 envelopes to herself. i'll probably have 365 addressed to her by the end of may. (not that i have actually mailed any of them)

the style of lettering is a combination of the last two days. one big letter and the rest smaller. it is also a variation in that not all the letters are skinny. the E is wide. and the letters are bouncing up and down and tilting back and forth. should i do an exemplar? or do you think you can do the variations on your own?

below is a link to some more examples of lettering... not very traditional stuff.
it was posted by someone on CyberScribes, which is a yahoo group that anyone may join if they are interested in lettering or calligraphy.


  1. Love the intertwining of the letters and the spontaneity of the overall look. this is a great Sue

  2. and i like the way it sort of reads *smashman*

  3. I am amazed at some of the locations you place the postage. Do you deliver these to the P.O. for hand cancelling or just drop them in a box and hope for the best?

  4. i will respond in a bonus post today. thanks for bringing up this topic.