Wednesday, March 6, 2013

sue's thank you 3

once again, after the disaster on the first envelope where i was finishing off quick black lettering, i needed to think of something simple. instead of imitating all that lovely detail in the stamp, i just added a little echo of color to the letter.

anyone with an i in their name would enjoy seeing this stamp dotting the i

i made two exemplars (below) to show the entire alphabet for my upcoming class.
one is font based the other is hand-lettered.
i am deciding how to offer these exemplars along with lessons, since i have had requests for correspondence courses.

so, for free, you can just copy the image and enlarge it and it would be enough for some people. if you would like the have your own exemplars, along with 25 different options for positioning the addresses, you may send me $5 via snailmail and i will send you all 3 exemplars in an envelope, hand addressed, by me, which is worth way more than $5.

my address is:
jean wilson
420 - 44th street
des moines, ia 50312

if you are not in the usa or canada
email me at
and we can discuss how to send things

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