Tuesday, March 19, 2013

owls and hot dogs (3)

Those collectors seeking the unusual will not be left wanting in 2013
Finland will celebrate strange contests such as wife-carrying and anthill-sitting on stamps.
Switzerland will be celebrating the cartoon Smurfs, as well as honouring 111 people in a 'Faces of Switzerland' set.
Belgium will be issuing 'Belgian Chocolate' stamps which taste and smell of chocolate.
Iceland will provide a brief guide to building a hot dog, complete with mustard, raw onion and and ketchup, on a single value due in March. A subject sure to whet the appetite of all stamp collectors.


i found the above while i was surfing.  the hot dog stamp is down at the bottom because when i add things, i never know where they are going to appear.  right below is an envelope from smash. i'm leaving this odd combination (owls and hot dogs) together because the colors look nice together. smash's owls are adorable.


  1. Those are wonderfully cute owls! Keeping watch over the delivery of this envelope.

  2. Great owls! I love the repeat of the stamp's barn owl on the left, and get a real kick out of the little one with the Phyllis Diller-esque head feathers who looks as if she needs a good day's sleep.

  3. that's a *hoot* - phyllis diller...i would not have thought of it, but you are right...it is the spitting image of phyllis