Tuesday, March 5, 2013

sue's thank you 2

i chose the earthscape stamps to finish up the series of 5 thank yous to sue. there were tons of options with this lettering. somehow, the stamp looked better with the red on the left - which is why it is upside-down -- then i wanted to add some red, but after the disaster on the first one, i chose to take some Post-It tape, color it red, cut some bars and play around with the arrangement. i'm glad i did, because it took about three tries. note that i picked up the red bars as a design element, but i imitated the black bars in the arrangement.
i also added fine lines to the quickly lettered sue.

so, this decorated envelope was a total of maybe 3 minutes.

i clicked the setting on *blogger* that asks people to type in one of those distorted security code. but i can't check to see if it is working because blogger knows that it is me. so, would someone please leave a comment and tell me if they have to type the distorted security code before the comment goes through. thank you very much.


  1. sorry this was late this morning. i forgot to reset the time so it would auto-post at 1 am.

  2. Love all this attention The mail has taken on a whole new meaning. Yes, I will be asked for the rotten code to get this published. Smash

  3. i apologize for the security step...but, if the spammers decide to attack, it would mean the end of the blog...so, it is a necessary precaution. this whole week is sue week. the *susan* envelopes are done, not yet scanned. have to work on the smash envelopes. thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. I understand your reluctance to ditch the anti-bot codes.
    I'll keep coming back.