Tuesday, March 26, 2013


in case anyone is into numbers, here is the graph of how many views there have been on my blog. it's interesting how i managed to rack up a lot of views right at the beginning and i have maintained a steady readership. the other thing to note is that people seem to check in more during the winter months. so, i wonder if i should save the good stuff for next fall. just kidding. i also know which page has had the most views of all. and it is one that i posted as a bad example. i'm not going to say which one it is because then you would all go look at it again and raise its count even higher. maybe i should delete it so that the one in second place can be the winner. decisions decisions. anyhow, this would make a nice envelope design. scroll down to the actual envelope for today. this was an impulse post. wait a minute. the graph starts in may of 2008 and i only started the blog on feb 17, 2010. i guess google was tracking me before i even started the blog.

Graph of Blogger page views

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  1. Can really boost your stats by posting at certian times. Google "best times to post blogs and tweets"; there's many articles on this driven by stats. That may drive your visit ups if you schedule blog releases for x time of the day.