Monday, March 18, 2013

chatter post

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i am adding a post because i have been having a discussion with a friend who is the process of making 40 envelopes for her daughter's 40th birthday in june. she is half done and has sent me some rough drafts with some of her concerns.

first concern: what colors look good on colored envelopes.? she didn't want to resort to white all the time. i agree, it can be very hard to find colors of ink and marker and gel pen that work on colored paper. many writing fluids are not opaque, so you get mud. so, white is a good choice for a base layer. then add some color on top. i will address this issue in upcoming posts.

second concern: getting everything *just right.* i won't post her comments, but trust me, she is doing the nit-picking that many of us do. on almost every envelope i do, i look at something that i would have done different. spacing is huge. it is so hard to get it right the first time. but, that sort of defeats the purpose of making envelopes for fun. they are - envelopes-. they do not need to be suitable for framing. they are ephemeral. so, just have fun.

and now, so you all know that i never listen to my own advice...
there were people who requested the exemplars that i offered a week ago.
i posted that i would mail them on saturday
but...instead, i just fell into the wretched trap of fussing over the details.
remember when it took me 5 tries to get a design i liked on the Fermi stamp?
well, i'm doing the same thing
i will mail them today
even though they are not 100% satisfactory

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  1. This is a very good advice post. Although I will continue to fuss, now I will have your words at the back of my mind trying to tell me Jean said it's okay!