Thursday, March 14, 2013

mimi challenge - amy

after i did mimi, sue, and robin, i remembered my GO-TO technique...turn the paper. i did one turn and wrote the last three amys over the tails on the largest amys.

then, liking the way they turned out, i did the kathys in four directions.

i'm not crazy about the texture i pulled off the stamp to finish off the lettering on amy's. but, wait til you see what happens to the kathy tomorrow. wear sunglasses, squint, and puh-leeze....put a bag over your head (paper, not plastic)

shout out to the people who sent some pretty spectacular mail...i will be sending your exemplars on saturday. i have to obsess a bit over the addressing of the envelopes and stamp selection.

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  1. plus...people sent me stealworthy ideas and i have to decide if i return the ideas i steal from the people who sent them, or mix it up and steal from *peter* to address *paul*...decisions decisions