Saturday, March 9, 2013


this was sent to nancy, who commented ( a while back) on a different cat on a different envelope. i added her address right under the *please deliver to*
then, i chickened out and put another address and stamp on the reverse side...

below is a portrait of a cat that nancy painted so you can all gain some perspective about *quality* and whether or not you should obsess about sending decorated envelopes.

nancy's cat portrait is gorgeous and one would think that anyone (including me) would be intimidated to send a silly sketch like this to such a talented artist. i hear from people who will remain nameless (unless she outs herself in a comment below) that sometimes people start an envelope to send to me for my birthday in april and they agonize over it so long, it arrives in october or november and i think it is a holiday can just scribble anything silly and it will be just fine. it's an envelope. it's not the sistine chapel.

although, if there were any cats on the sistine chapel, they'd probably look a lot like this, eh? and i mean the one below, not the one on the envelope.

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  1. hahaha...I LOVE your cat, he's wonderful! If we could all do the same things the same way, we would not be blogging and enjoying each others special talents. I think this is the beauty of art...that we are all individual. Your cat sketch is just as enjoyable to me as Nancy's drawing is. And each in a different way. You've made an excellent point here.