Wednesday, March 20, 2013

robin - needs fixing

see that dot on the i in robin - it is a drip of teal gouache. i did a set of envelopes for a bride using teal gouache in a nib and that was the only time i had a drip and it happened before i even started writing. so, i figured i could come up with a fun envelope based on a random drop of ink.

i wanted to welcome robin to an upcoming class of mine and as soon as i wrote the robin, i knew i was not going to like the envelope. i think it might have been fine if the n was a lower case n, the size of the o. and maybe a lower case r as well.

after i did not like the RobiN, i drew the box around it, then thought of making the box into the dot on the i in kline. i'm happy with the concept, but, i did not have a stamp in mind. if i had chosen a stamp, i would have made the box for the stamp the correct height.

i suppose this one would work if she had a PO box. then i could put
PO 43
below the USA 20c

i'll have to bring this one to class and show how to fix it because i always offer EnvelopeRx to the students
anything they mess up, i show them how to fix it -so- i guess i should be able to fix my own messes, eh?
stay tuned for fool-proof remedy

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