Thursday, February 28, 2013

fermi - minimal

this is it. this is just as much fun as the one i did a long time ago.

i kept looking at the stamp
and loved the way his writing was cropped
and thought
oh....he could have written the address
i liked the idea
and then,
making some of the letters into numbers was
margaret-esque enough that i could put this challenge to rest.

maybe margaret will tell us if she has a favorite
or if she is disappointed and going to find someone else to make a fun envelope
with her Fermi stamp.

anyone else have a favorite stamp?

of course, all this talk about fermi made me curious. from the stamp, he looks like a pretty fun guy. i highly recommend the wikipedia story of his life. fascinating. and the best part is towards the end where it says this:

"He disliked complicated theories, and while he had great mathematical ability, he would never use it when the job could be done much more simply. He was famous for getting quick and accurate answers to problems which would stump other people. Later on, his method of getting approximate and quick answers through back-of-the-envelope calculations became informally known as the "Fermi method""

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  1. This is so interesting, to see 5 ideas off the top of your head. And to follow your thoughts as they spread out and find new channels. You inspired me to look at that whole group of thinkers.
    HEre's a thought about simplifying, from Albert Einstein: Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.