Tuesday, February 19, 2013

thank you susan - 1-2

so after susan saved the blog from extinction, i started working on thank you notes to her. she kindly gave me her email address and her name is shortened to sue, so i did 5 sue envelopes. now, i am thinking that she goes by susan. so, i will turn these 5 rough ideas into a design lesson and then do 5 more susan envelopes.

design lesson number one.
take the first letter and make it really big and write everything else really small.

design lesson number two.
write the first name really big

these are obviously not finished, but i am trying to get people to respond to the blog. so, if you think you have a name that will not work, put the name in the comments or send me an email and ask me to show you the solution to your problem name.
email me at jmwilson411 (at) yahoo.com

and i will do something fun to finish these two and repost them in march.
something to look forward to.
my new focus in life is stringing people along.....
highly manipulative
but at least i'm upfront about it.
if i were a writer, i'd call it cliffhanging.
but i am not a writer.
i'm a scribe.
big difference.


  1. Jean, this is wonderful. Loved Donald and the next one onthe ruling and cola pens. I also go by "Smash"

  2. oh my gosh..smash....that has to be a whole series