Sunday, February 17, 2013

NOT my last blog post -

NOTE added today: this is not the end of the blog. i had run out of steam, but, something nice happened to keep me going....

a couple people have read the post below and thought it was going to worries. there is a really good post tomorrow.

below is the original post for today. sorry for the confusion.

i chose this envelope by sitoshi kitamura to say goodbye to the blog. as you might have noticed, all of february has been guest artists. i intended to stop the blog today because i had run out of steam. i actually wrote a post that said good bye, and happy trails.

[i hear a couple gasps]

getting ready to go on a 3 week trip was exhausting and i decided i would just quit blogging after i had used up all the great envelopes that carol and jeri had shared with me.

this date was even a good date to stop, since it is the 3rd anniversary of the very beginning of the blog. 3 years and i have not missed a single day. i have deleted a few posts, so some dates look empty....but, there were several days where i posted more than once, so the total number of posts is 1256. i believe that is 160 more than one-a-day. (3 x 365 + one leap day)

seriously, if you are going to check the dates on the posts to see what's missing, i think you need to think of something more constructive to do with your time. or possibly, make a list of those dates -send it to me- and i will go back and fill them in....NOT

so, come back tomorrow, the blog will continue thanks to a timely piece of mail.....


  1. I've loved seeing your envelopes since I found your blog - lots of inspiration
    Look luck with the house move and the next step in the journey

  2. ooops. the post today sounded like i really was going to stop...but, there is new stuff coming tomorrow...and i changed the post after i saw ally's comment. thanks for commenting, ally. it would have been a shame if everyone had the impression that i was really stopping...

  3. Lovely envelope that you have featured today!

    and I am so glad to hear that today is NOT your last blog post. I so enjoy seeing what you post all the time. You have been such a faithful poster and you have been so generous in sharing your ideas, talents, and enthusiasm. We all get a little tired and 'empty' from time to time. But I'm glad to know you still be here. I stop by frequently, but I'm not as good about leaving a comment because of day-to-day exhaustion from working fulltime etc. I have been sluggish posting on my own blog. But... lets stick together. Blog entries are inspirational and motivating!

  4. thank you, claire, i appreciate hearing from you. the virtual comments are just as encouraging as the snail mail :-)