Saturday, February 2, 2013

guest artist - jeri

this was jeri's holiday card. so pretty. i like the detail on the J. not sure what to call it, it is not exactly a flourish...a nice little wispy flower. just makes me want to go get my white ink and make some valentines.

and how does jeri always make her stamps come out to the exact amount? plus they are color coordinated. i don't get it....i can never make the stamps come out right and still look pretty together. i waste many many cents because i use more than the required amount to make the stamps look good. but jeri always has the right amount PLUS they look'd think she was some kind of chartered accountant. oh, wait. she is. am i joking? or is it a skeleton in her tabouret?

[warning...the next three weeks are entirely guest artists because i was out-of-town for 3 weeks and ran out of time to schedule my own work]

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