Thursday, February 21, 2013

thank you , susan 5

my fifth and final idea for a thank you to susan.
i used a brush marker.

below is
a sample of caps from french calligrapher, Jean Larcher. (i gave him a ride in my car one time) google him and you'll see all kinds of great stuff...

i am going to start putting stuff like this on the blog for people who think i am hot stuff. i am not. i am lukewarm. but, i'm happy where i am.

also, a BIG thank you to
alyce, jack, claire, linda, ally, nancy, susan x 2, jackie, marti, ruth, allison ....and if i have forgotten anyone...leave another comment and i will add you to the list.
i will be posting envelopes for all of you

thank you thank you thank you 

- also...allison....i will post the link to your graphic very soon....sorry for the delay.


  1. I chuckled at your lukewarm comment. If you are lukewarm, I must be tepid or room temperature (which is fairly cold right now with the weather we are having).
    I am in awe of the talents some people have. I know that it comes from natural born talents and a lot of practice. But they make it look so effortless. I wish I would have begun my art journey 30 years earlier than I did.

  2. oh - pshaw - i have seen your work and you are too hard on work is quite lovely... :-) i agree, we would all be further along if we had started early, but being happy with where we are is the point i always make. i'd love to write like that other jean...but, imagine the pressure of being's easier to be a slacker/scribbler

  3. I love this 'S'. Wish I had one in my name, but one of my son's does. Maybe I can use the idea for my son Sean. Thanks!! ;-)

  4. i'll try to do a whole alphabet....

  5. I think `S` is the loveliest letter of the alphabet....but thats just me-I bet you can make every letter lovely3