Sunday, February 10, 2013

guest artist - carol dubosch

time to get those last minute valentines in the mail. here is a fun idea from carol that was the 2007 entry in the graceful envelope. it is a nice layout -- one to remember because you could put any stamp in between a first and last name and then choose an element from the stamp and repeat it across the top. this looks like it might be a rubber stamp. if you don't have rubber stamps, you can use found objects to stamp things across the envelope. corks, the eraser end of pencils, potatoes, carrots, any vegetable, fingerprints, google *creative stamping* and you might come up with 3 million additional ideas.  (i just did....8,300,000)

additional notes from carol:
Graceful Envelope 2007 - the theme was "A Mailable Feast." The Love Kiss stamp had just been issued, and I had carved a stamp of a Hershey's kiss years back. I stamped my kiss stamp and then dusted the images with silver embossing powder and heated to melt the powder. The postage stamp and the rubber stamp became the basis for the design. Writing the two words Graceful and Envelope in a very large size provided the strong contrast element needed to pull the design together.

[another reminder that there will be one more week of solid guest artists, due to the time crunch when i was out-of-town]

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