Saturday, February 23, 2013

fermi - carefully

this was my first try at a Fermi design for margaret. i was being pretty careful. i used pencil lines. and i am happy with some of it. but i can tell that i would have to spend a LOT of time tweeking all the elements to make it into one that i just love to pieces.

part of the problem is that the one i did for jackie is an all-time favorite. when i already have a favorite idea that goes with a stamp, it can be challenging to come up with another favorite idea. but, you all know i like a good challenge, so, i wasn't going to quit after this one....
monday will be try no. 2.... (tomorrow is sunday, guest artist day)
any guesses how many tries it took until i got to one that i loved-to-pieces?

BTW, i was thinking that if i actually mailed this, i would need a second stamp. ideally, i would find another sheet of the Fermi stamps and use two of them...but, i rather like the LOVE stamp paired with Fermi. a lot of artists love math or physics or whatever he did. we like chalk boards, too.

that is not her real if you live in ames, don't be looking for her house.

ya'know could do something fun with the AR g AR
in between the  M and ET


  1. WOW!!!!!!! This one made my 'All time Favorites' list. My thoughts run from, clean, simple lines, to wild G... And yet I can see the well thought out precise planning this must have taken. Great job, Jean.

    Jack Moore

  2. thanks...i appreciate comments. i had fun with this stamp and this one is growing on me.