Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentines day

as i have been saying, the first three weeks of february were written in dec before my trip. but....i bumped a previously scheduled post to thank sue for this very welcome piece of mail. there is more to the story, but, you will just have to wait until feb 17th.

alert readers will see the portion of the note that says *i was inspired to send another* and they will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the story.

and now for the BIG NEWS....i am changing my address. will now be

420 - 44th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50312
420 instead of 430

420 is my house.
i have moved out of the studio, two doors from my house.
i hear a few long distance gasps. everyone who visited the studio knew that it was a dream space. a complete 2 bedroom duplex with a basement. has turned into a maintenance burden. and, i am ready to clear out and simplify my life and make this blog so much better. so, it is a win-win situation. i will be mailing a ton of stuff to whomever wants it. i might have to start another blog just to post all the art supplies and treasures that will be shipped out. if you already know what you want....lemmekno. i have a Whopperplate...and those are prized amongst people who know what they are....

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