Monday, February 18, 2013

chapter 2 - susan saves the day

chapter 2 (of the blog)

here it is. the letter that saved this blog from extinction. (or to be a little more dramatic...murder. i was going to pull the plug.) in dec/early jan, as i scheduled all of jan and half of feb, i was exhausted and wrote my farewell post, scheduled to appear on feb 17th. i guess writing 60 posts over a couple weeks is too much. lesson learned.

when i got home and went through my mail, there was only one pretty envelope. and it was this one. i opened it and when i read the note, i thought to myself.....for three years i was wondering if anyone would discover the blog and actually send me an envelope.

yes, Facebookers and emailers...i know some of you have contacted me and you, too, will get your credit for saving the blog...but this was the very first time that someone saw the blog and sent a real envelope. so...i thought to myself...that must be some kind of sign. i think i need to at least post a thank you to Susan and post a few more more envelopes.

and then....there were MORE.
more what?
well you will just have to stay tuned.
i know stella is on the edge of her chair, because we met on facebook and i told her i would post a *stella* envelope... so, hang in there, stella. it's coming
and to the others...yes, there are more coming...
i'm not even go to tell you all how many people reached out in jan-feb
but, it was enough to breathe some life back into the blog.

of course my tombstone is prepared, *return to sender* but we don't have to talk about that now.

at the very least, i would like a few of you to post in the comment section and let susan how much you appreciate that she talked me off the ledge so to speak.

and don't skim over her note and miss the part where she says she is addressing an envelope to herself every day this year. more on that...later....


  1. I thank you, Susan, for sending Jean this wonderful envelope. The lettering is beautiful. I like that you had the first letters of her name in a different color and I like your "please take me to" phrase added above the address.
    I thank you, Jean, for taking this as a sign that you should continue sharing your wonderful envelopes with us. I would miss checking to see the envelope of the day in the morning.
    I know you will yell at me when you read this, but I wonder if the lack of mail sent to you is due to people being insecure with their lettering abilities. Not that I would ever feel that way. Ha.

  2. Susan... I too, thank you for your note and beautiful envelope to Jean. Most of all I thank Jean for her untiring efforts in posting in her blog each and every day. This is the only envelope or calligraphy blog I have visited that does so! Lesson learned... Don't let the hard work of others go unnoticed. I do look forward everyday to seeing what your offering will be.

    Thank you, Jean! You do bring a bit of joy to my life.

    Jack Moore

  3. thank you very much for your kind words. it's great to hear from my penpals. the blog will continue. i already have over 30 posts scheduled. and i just made 4 more envelopes. so, i think we are in good shape for many months to come. yes, alyce, people do mention a hesitancy to send things that they think aren't *up-to-snuff* whatever that means. there will be some posts encouraging people to shuck off their insecurities.

    bottom line...i would prefer that you all send mail to other people. maybe once a year to me...but weekly or daily to other people who will enjoy a happy envelope.

    thanks again for posting :-)

  4. a couple more people who do not leave comments online, sent emails with very nice messages, expressing how much they enjoy the, if you are reading this susan...thanks from a couple more people.

  5. I do enjoy sending mail to others and do so frequently. I never send naked mail. Sometimes I find that I spend more time on the envelope than I do on the contents!

  6. Susan - Thank you for giving Jean a shot in the arm to revive her. I think your idea of addressing and sending an envelope to yourself everyday for a year is an awesome challenge. What a nice collection you'll have at the end of the year. You could bind them all into a little book of some sort. Happy journeys with your 2013 envelopes!

    Jean - Thank you again for having your little blog site for us to visit and get ideas for making envelopes a little extra special for those that we send them to. I love the ideas and I'm quite a fan of hand addressing and paper mail. There is too much electronic mail in my life -- I treasure the paper mail, decorations, and handwriting!

  7. I am so happy that you didn't stop blogging. I visit your blog daily. Your blog is such an inspiration.

  8. Susan your encouragement has benefit so many; Just goes to prove that snail mail is essential, its not utilitarian, its personal and meaningful.
    Jean, well after living immortalized by Marlon Brando, yes I can hardly wait to see what it will be..
    Having just gone back to work full time after 17 years, my creative time is zapped. I am feeling depleted, robbed of my passion. Ok that paycheck sure helps, so does the medical plan. But glancing at your posts is what keeps me from abandoning hope. I say `glance`cuz my free time is so scarce. If there is one thing I do, is have a daily glance at a creative endeavor that is not overwhelming. It is so lovely, but also do-able for us who have little time. So thank you both♥