Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thank you susan, 3-4

two more rough ideas for susan. this time, i used the scroll tip of the marker. that's what gives it the double line.
on the top one, i left out the middle crossbar on the E
and the cross bars on the As
those are fun places to add a design element.

on the bottom one, i looked for a repeat letter - s -
and wrote the the two names with a shared S.
i also mashed things together because i like to do that.
and the name mashman is just asking to be mashed.

these two will appear again, once i finish them.
again, if you have names that don't respond to these two  ideas, lemmekno
and i will show you how every name can be subjected to every design principle.


  1. Can't wait to see the completed name. It's only Feb. and I'm getting tired of writing ny name. They look great. Sue or Susan or Smash

  2. you could feature other parts of your address on the envelopes.
    or play around with monograms.
    i could get very distracted here, thinking of 365 ways to write your name.....