Sunday, February 3, 2013

guest artist - carol dubosch

this is a great idea, to adhere a folded something to the front of the envelope. the arrangement of the elements is very nice. the slight tilt on the stamps and address label. it would be fun to know how long it took carol to arrange the elements. sometimes artists spend more time moving the elements around than they do on the actual lettering and choosing of the stamps. other times, there is a quick and logical flow to where things are going. it's a balancing act.

i sent my comments on carol's envelopes to her and she kindly answered my questions:

2005 Graceful Envelope - "The Letter P" was the theme. P for Peace, that was easy! I had recently learned how to fold a flat Origami crane and I adapted the fold design to become an envelope. The entire envelope is one piece of paper. The Origami crane is an extension of one of the sides and wraps around to the front. I had to glue all the bits down flat and then do the calligraphy on the edges.

The three Peace-themed stamps and the address "envelope" needed to be arranged to compliment one another. I spent much time moving things about. The pleasing layout was to tilt all the pieces slightly to echo the diagonals in the crane fold.

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