Friday, February 1, 2013


here are three that i did the day after i came up with the idea to use that ornament stamp as a nib. i hardly ever compare envelopes, so i thought this would be a good opportunity to show how one idea works with different amounts of information 

this one has the most information and while i usually like lots of decorative doo-dads, i think this one just looks cluttered. i might have liked it better if the address lines were on the same slant as the name, but then, i would worry that the p.o. would tack a surcharge on the envelope for being not-level. so, when i wanted to conform to the rule to make the address legible and level with the landscape orientation, i should have used tiny pens and made the address really tiny.

this one has less information and some doo-dads. i might like it better than the amensen one because the big S and the swoopy d are more interesting than amensen. the slanted name and level address seem to fit together a little better. i did not put the blue shadow on the first name and can't decide whether or not it needs it. i know that d needed some more weight. maybe sandra will send it back so i can fix it.

this is my favorite of the three, also the least cluttered and the short name ends up looking better, to me.  i would have put more weight on the red name if i had seen this scan before i mailed it. it is interesting to note that i see a lot of things i would change after i see the envelopes scanned and on the screen.

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