Thursday, February 21, 2013

bonus post

i was thinking the blog looked a little blah this week...and went surfing to find something colorful. instead, i found this one, which i just love.

super stealworthy.
it was sent to someone in st louis who invited 1000 artists to send mail art and the mail was supposed to end up in a book. i will surf a little more and see if the book ever materialized...

here is the link to the illustrator who made the envelope.

he is making a living at his we can't steal any of his ideas....except i am pretty sure that dotted lines and maps are in the public domain. and we can use black and white on kraft paper....actually, he says he is inspired by maurice sendak and i think those little guys on the top are very sendakian

next week, we will have color
although, as i will only be green...can anyone out there tell what's coming from that clue?

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