Tuesday, February 5, 2013

guest artist - carol dubosch

this looks like she embossed a circuit board pattern.
very nice arrangement of elements. if  you want to send an envelope in portrait orientation, you have to pay extra. double the one ounce rate will be more than enough to the best of my knowledge. i hesitate to give specifics on what it costs to send anything, since it changes all the time.

carol's comments:

Graceful Envelope 2000 - the theme was "Significant Event from the Past Century"

I had two stamps of a circuit board, and decided to use them to honor electronics. I used a silver colored pencil and did a rubbing of a small circuit board to create the textured background on the envelope. It is such an easy technique and it gives a 3-D look to the flat paper.

Turning the square stamps to stand on their corners gives the layout more energy.

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