Sunday, September 24, 2023

To Smash in Aug/Sept - Grannie perspective

Thank you to Inta for posting a comment yesterday - and pointing out that the stamp clearly says Netherlands (not Belgium). And it is a penguin. 

Here is another one of Rachael's ideas that is on my chart so that eventually everyone will get one. I know for sure that Rachael's original envelope had wavy lines. Most of mine have been on straight lines. But, I figured I could try a modest amount of waving. I kept the street fairly legible. This one won't be mailed until Sept - so I hope I don't forget and re-photograph it and re-run it. 


Quite a few of us are grannies - some have lots of grandkids and have had them for years. Others are brand new. This little cartoon sums up my perspective on how I approach the experience. The cartoon does not quantify the portions - and you can't really quantify things like this. But, it does help me explain to my grandkids when I have to disappoint them in the *crime* category. They remember that one time I took them for donuts. And the place had ice cream - and I said OK to ice cream after they finished their donuts and then - they spotted the candy and I said OK. The owner of the shop questioned my sanity. So now the grandkids and I know that it was a one time event - and will never happen again - but we sure enjoy the memory of that one time.


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