Tuesday, September 19, 2023

From Janet - Ohuhu markers

All y'all already know how much I love this envelope - the *white space* - which isn't white - but it's the unfilled space - the clever lettering - the stamp - the colors - the very perfect cancel. A postal worker made a nasty grease pencil slash across the stamp which erased easily. A little bit came off the envelope. I wonder if this was Janet's variation of my variation of Rachael's lettering that fit between two lines? I need to give that style a name - or maybe Rachael can provide one. It was nice of her to give the name *Mish Mash* to the one that is a mish mash. Now I need to try variations of this one ---

Copic vs Ohuhu markers - I had never heard of Ohuhu markers - and ran across this video - has anyone else ever heard of them? They are a lot cheaper....and the guy who tested them really likes them. He tested them a while ago and chose Copic as just slightly better - even though they cost up to 5-times as much. Now he's switched - prefers Oahu.

Then I remembered that Chuck had mentioned some new markers and I emailed him. Yes - he had told me about Ohuhu markers a while ago. I mentioned them back in mid August - so maybe some of you have already done your research and ordering.....feel free to send us your thoughts.

Also -- Chuck and I have both noticed a lot of ads for products through Temu at unbelievable prices and we have both read articles warning people that it is a scam company - with counterfeit products. Sometimes nothing shows up. Maybe everyone already knows about this - but if not -- now you do. I won't even get into the part about how information is being gathered....

And here is Janet's Sept envelope to chuck - front and back. 
Steal worthy.

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