Thursday, December 7, 2023

From Mary in Oct - The Wager (book)

Mary went with a pirate theme for October. There was a fun note on the inside. She hoped that I did not mind the *Ye ol' Jean* since she did not know how old I am. I am 71. I think that's definitely old. I wouldn't call it elderly. I have to remind myself that I am old because I do not feel 70 at all. I feel mid-50s. 

Did I mention the book The Wager by David Grann? It is a true story about a shipwreck, castaways, and the chaos that ensues when guys are marooned on an island in Patagonia during the winter. Here's a little tidbit to keep in mind if you ever ponder signing on to work on a British ship - if the ship goes down and you somehow manage to get back to England, they aren't going to pay you for the days you were not on the ship anymore. So, if you aren't going to get paid - does that mean that the captain of the ship can still boss you around? I'm not recommending the book to everyone - just people who are curious about the wild times during the era that pirates were having their hay day. These were not even pirates and the brutality was ghastly. I can already tell you that if they ever make it into a movie - do not go see it. The author also wrote Killers of the Flower Moon - and that is a book I highly recommend - which has been made into a movie - which I have not seen. 

Apologies if I have already mentioned this book.


You know I live for stuff like this:

The Stamp Fulfillment Service facility, located in Kansas City, MO, is located in a limestone cave 150 feet beneath the ground. It is the Postal Service’s only facility located underground. The consistent, year-round temperatures and humidity levels in the caves allow the stamps to be maintained in mint-quality condition. The underground facility also keeps the inventory and employees safe from snow, flooding, winds and tornadic activity common in the Midwest.

To think that this is just a short drive from my house. I wonder if there would be any way to visit it. If only I had learned of this when I was bit younger and way more adventurous. 

Here is the link to where I found this fun fact:

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  1. As a side note, I'm dyslexic, and apologize to you and the postal services for the massacre of your zip code. I'm thankful it got to you. It's a good thing you get a lot of mail!