Sunday, December 10, 2023

From Leslie in Oct - Brian Walker


Leslie's Oct envelopes were inspired by movies. No Leslie - I do not like scary movies - although there have been a few that were OK. It was nice of her to let me know that I needed to lift the flap rather than slit the fold - so that I could *enjoy* the scary face on the liner. Is it a skeleton or a ghost or something else? 

I considered posting all the mail from Leslie together - but decided to space them out. I'm not thrilled with posting the October mail in December - but saving the Oct 2022 mail until Oct 2023 turned out to be a level of chaos that I will not be repeating. Nanna learns from her mistakes.


Something to look at - Brian Walker's website. He died in 2018 - and I've probably never mentioned him on the blog. I think I have a personal letter from him in my folder of treasured letters -- I hope I remember to look. Many years ago - before *everyone* was on the internet - if you were even vaguely interested in penmanship - people like Brian would correspond. It was a treat to get mail from people who were so far ahead of me on the learning curve.

This is the [Penmanship] tag at his website -- there are other tabs. 

It's so hard to choose just one image from the wide range of styles...

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