Sunday, April 19, 2015

stamp stacking

this is one of the most frequently pinned envelopes on pinterest. i hope this is the original site:

hiroko was born in 1977 and there aren't many words in english to share with you. her style is so simple and charming. maybe it will inspire you to make some drawings. if time permits, i might do my own stick figure version of this. it would certainly be a way to use up all my stamps.

below is one of two envelopes from my blog that i see the most often on pinterest. i need to dig further to find the other one. or just surf a little more, but today is d-day. discipline-day. i really am going to hit some deadlines.

pinterest has a new feature where they toss in suggested pins that they think you might like. i have soooooo many of my blog envelopes circulating around the boards, that every morning, they are pitching my own envelopes to me.

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