Wednesday, April 15, 2015

carol's peony - and more

carol left a nice comment on the first peony versal, so this is a thank you to her. i used a nicer envelope and spent a little more time on it. it's mesmerizing to make random flowery patterns.

then i saw this lady on Pinterest and i can see myself heading in that direction. a couple other photos may be viewed here.

if you checked the blog early yesterday, you might have missed my bonus post (below this one) and the photo of all the great mail that i received over the past few days. thanks again to my penpals.


  1. This is really,really nice. To really appreciate it you have to view it letter by letter.

  2. thanks ---i thought the last sch was a little muddled

  3. Also.... I see you are finally getting around to painting your house!