Monday, January 6, 2014

from carol

 this is the card and envelope from carol featuring her newly released style - DuBosch JUBILEE Script. it would be fun to see her entire stack of envelopes to see how many different ways she arranged names and addresses. i don't do many square envelopes because they cost extra to mail, but wow...this one makes me want to buy a whole sheet of butterflies....except the rates are going up. i better wait for the next butterfly.

below is the card that came in the envelope. i love the contrast of the script in the center. it is especially nice because she has the circle in white. it is either thermography or, she might have used that embossing powder and a heat gun. if she did -wow- that was a lot of work. i hope she sent them out and had them printed using thermography.
i saw her comment on facebook that she did, indeed, do all the thermography by hand. i know they call it embossing powder, which implies that it is raised, which it is, but, in my book, it is still thermography because the materials and process is the same.

thank you carol :-)

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  1. Just had to put that on my Pinterest board 'Envelopes I'd Like to Receive'. I belong to an envelope exchange and am just about to start on the first of six to be sent out over the coming six months. So this inspired me, thanks Jean