Sunday, December 8, 2013


finnbadger sent an envelope with lettering that looked like it was designed on graph paper. this time, the p.o. was being very respectful of the artwork and instead of just writing on the envelope, someone figured out the address, wrote it on a separate piece of paper and clipped it to the envelope and then put it in a special envelope.

first finnbadger gets on french tv, then he has postal workers giving his work the most special treatment i have ever seen. i believe this makes me the ultimate zen master of mail art. you are probably asking why i get the honor and not finnbadger. i get the honor because my blog opened the door for the grasshopper. he may be getting more accolades and respect for his art...but, that is the ultimate goal for a zen have their grasshopper exceed the masters own personal accomplishments. so, if finnbadger wants to be the ultimate zen master of envelope art, he has to find a grasshopper whose achievements surpass french tv and special handling by the u.s.p.s.

i'm not sure what would be a higher honor than french tv. that's the center/pinnacle of the aesthetic universe. (unless we find out it was a public access station)


  1. That is really cool! Took me awhile, but I can see the code easily now.

  2. This was one of my attempts to 'test' the post office a wee bit.

    Looks like they one-upped me ;)

    Thanks, Jean-san.