Monday, February 12, 2024

From Maggie in Dec - Newberry Part 3

Maggie provided more of her dreamy pointed pen work. I wonder how many of these she did? I should save this idea and see how long it takes to do a batch of these. It might go faster is one does an assembly line.

My friend had requested a couple books at the Newberry which can be done online. They were both lovely. When you request books, you have to wait a bit for the books to be retrieved from *The Vault.*  I took a tour of the Newberry a few years ago and learned all kinds of things about the vault - that I can no longer remember. It's a very secure place with all kinds of protection from natural or manmade disasters. Fire - water - that sort of thing. We were warned that one of the books had a very tight binding and to not open it very far. All the books are presented in pillow-cradles - so none of them open very flat.

It is best to peruse the listings online and pre-select what you want to see. I had done that - and chose the tiny book of hours - I also did a search for some famous names in calligraphy which led me to The Papers of ??? I forgot his name. It seemed like he was a graphic designer and type designer. There were 17 boxes of *papers* and some descriptions. I've heard about important people who leave their *papers* to libraries. Reading the list of items - I decided I would request a box. It clearly said, "Only one box may be reviewed at a time." That was fine with me - I just had to choose a box and there were some names I recognized in the last box on the list. I waited until I got to the library to decide which box to request.

I explained to the librarian that I was not sure how big the boxes were and if it was a huge box - I would not have time to go through it. She suggested bringing more than one box - and I said - Oh, no - one box is fine - and she said something about *both* - but somehow there were about 10 boxes on one of those library carts. 

When I was ready to look in the boxes, she apologized, and told me that I could only have one box at a time. Her *boss* (although that's not the word she used - but I can't remember what word she did use) had told her that I could only look at one box at a time. I said it was not a problem, since that is what I understood from the info on the website - and besides - if I were in charge, I would not trust people to have two boxes at a time - because I would not trust them to keep the correct items in the correct box. 

We smiled and bonded on that perspective. And there's more.....


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