Friday, March 23, 2018

Sunshine Quote for Sarahi *

This quote jumped out at me (on Pinterest) but after I did the envelope I figured I should see who wrote it. Anthony J. D'Angelo. You can Google him. He seems to have also written another quote that I like: The best things in life aren't things.

While I like those two quotes - a lot of his stuff is way more optimistic than I tend to be. I recently read that pessimists actually do very well at coping with adversity due to their reduced expectations.

At first I liked the sun. Then I had second thoughts. This was one of the first envelopes I did in the Jan exchange, so it is a warm up.

I will start putting an asterisk on posts that are just so-so - and if I need to insert something into pre-scheduled posts, I'll know where to insert.

Note in real time: I write these posts 8-10 weeks ahead of time. Then a week or two before, I review them to see if I sound nutty (and sometimes take time to edit). On this one, I loved the idea of the asterisk - but I had completely forgotten about it. So - another Post-It note to clutter up the front of my if I ever look at them....

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