Thursday, February 13, 2014

jeri - ignore the stamp topic

amy has a huge stash of stamps and offered to share some with me. certain ones, she reserved. the alcoholism stamps were not in her reserved stack. i jumped on them because i loved the font. then, i had a big problem. every time i wanted to use them, i figured they would be a terrible insult to the recipient. then, i decided that i would just have to risk it. jeri is the least likely person i know to be an alcoholic. below is a photo of her with a *tree-cozy* that she knit for a tree in her home town. if that isn't proof that she is a very sober person, i don't know what is. jeri is on the right. my mom is on the left.

this could be a lesson in how to look at fonts and figure out your own letters. if anyone is interested in a full lesson, let me know in the comment section, and i will add some font-copying lessons.

the photo was taken in october when i took my mom to visit the special collection of books at the u of iowa library. really wonderful books. anyone who has not taken time to visit a special collection should do so. they have hand made books as well as very old book, hand written, from pre-printing press days. they are called manuscript books and they are really spectacular to see in person.

also...this is a great link if you enjoy little handmade books


  1. Just found your blog (from a request for Art Via Post). Enjoyed my visit.

    CJ, fellow CSer

  2. Love it when the stamp is so important to the design. It's very difficult to start an envelope without having picked the stamp and arranged the design around the postage. It seems odd, but that's the way it goes