Sunday, June 30, 2013

bonus post

[original post written last week]
darn phone photos. i can't get them to appear upright.

but this is my response to the finnbadger envelope that i posted earlier this week.
yes, i left an *n* out of finnbadger.

machines are not being friendly today
so...we will all just have to put up with this mess.

it is a good lesson in something. i don't know what. please tell me if you know.

it is saturday morning and i usually check the post that will appear the following day. i thought i would try one more time to post a corrected version of the photo and voila, it worked. so you'd think i would be happy. no. in the past week, i have tried numerous times to take a phone photo and email it. none of them will go through. so, i am at a complete loss as to what to do. the above situation might have been resolved when i rebooted the computer. maybe i need to reboot my phone. i will try that and report back.

it will be a very sad and scary day if this blog turns into a *technology-help-desk*

p.s. i really should buy a bunch of the greg peck stamps. i LOVE making envelopes with thought balloons and there will never be a better stamp depicting *thought.*


  1. This arrived in the mail for me and looked absolutely stunning!

    I love the fin(n)badger letters, but the rest is incredible.

    And interesting that you posted the upside-down version - that is the way it was franked by the post office ;)

    Thanks again, really a special envelope.

  2. franked upside-down. that's really liked the way the g turned out. i like to just start and see what happens, with no planning. it doesn't always work out.