Thursday, January 1, 2015

one of the best of 2014

this envelope arrived in september. it was clearly marked *empty* on the back. (see below) i could not make out the postmark, so, it was going to drive me crazy if i did not figure out who sent it. happily, finnbadger responded to my question posted on the blog...
i was surprised to see hand lettering from finnbadger, because if i had time to go read earlier messages, i think finnbadger said that he was going to be making labels on all his envelopes and he would not be into lettering.

so, i'm really happy that at least one person who never had any interest in lettering - actually saw something that looked do-able -tried it -  and then actually sent it.

he did a great job for his first try at lettering.
thanks. and congratulations. i hope it inspires others.


  1. Well, that's a great start to my 2015. I could have sworn you'd already posted this... Thanks so much for being the inspiration to get me to do hand lettering.

    Happy New Year, and I'm looking forward to all the upcoming posts, so thanks once again for all the time you put into trying to get grasshoppers like me to try new things.

  2. You're welcome. This blog wouldn't keep running without my readers and grasshoppers. And I just noticed that my hits are at an all time high. 12,000 in December.

  3. if you go to Thursday, Sept 18th, you will see the post where i mentioned that i had received a paper source bag/envelope with hand lettering and no return and asked who sent it. i believe you responded by email. and i do not see that i posted this envelope previously. i think you posted it on your blog. but, i am pretty sure that i was so excited that a non-letterer had decided to try lettering that i immediately thought of making it best of the year. i'd been waiting and waiting for something from stella and figured she had moved on to other creative endeavors.

    1. Yes, I was probably thinking of my own post. And I also sent one to Eric in France as part of the winter exchange. It didn't even get a post office cancel of any kind on its trans-Atlantic journey.

  4. Happy New Year!, everyone. Good job, Finn. I recognize Jeans excemplar . Don't stop now, you will make a great calligrapher.