Saturday, January 24, 2015

desk cleaning

 the late december purge of all my half-baked envelopes included these. the batman envelope appeared earlier. just before i mailed it, i decided to take the time to make a ziggy-zaggy edge with a white gel pen to tie the lettering to the stamp and i think it helped a lot.

there have been some examples from the day i was using up the chalk markers. the one to karen was ho-hum and it got a little better after i added a few layers. but, i think the neuland is not friendly with the painting, so, i'm just going to send it along and hope karen tosses it in the recycle bin.

the other two are unfinished, and i have no idea if i can improve them before they head out the door. if i work a miracle, i will repost them. if you never see them again, that means they were duds. actually, that top one to cathy was something i did when i was pondering the feasibility of trying to teach cola pen writing online. i'm still pondering.

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